Stanley Gorilla

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Series:        Animal Explosion

Media:        Digital Print – Premium Museum Archival Cotton Rag Paper

Unframed (for framing options and pricing please contact us for further information)

Edition:       /250 Prints

Stanley is pound for pound one of the sexiest silverbacks in the jungle. He oozes sheer power, grace, flair and a style unique only to him. Stanley is the brother to Chester but though they share the same protective nature it is fair to say that Stanley is far more extroverted and enjoys the limelight. When Stanley beats his chest it is not only to demonstrate his might and authority but also his natural rhythm, as boy can he play out some beats. Stanley is a silverback you could only wish to encounter as he will have you trembling with fear and excitement at the same time. What a true legend of the jungle.

Stanley took 175 hrs to complete.

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