Why Purchase an ATTY Animal Artwork?

Each animal takes ATTY hundreds of hours to create and over time they will become important members of the family home. ATTY takes a lot of pride in creating each personality and story for all his animals.

Armed just with his digital pen and laptop he hand draws each intricate animal. His art is meticulous and a real joy to have hanging in your home.

ATTY animals reside in over 60 countries with a very loyal fanbase and celebrity clients. It is worth reading the reviews on TripAdvisor and Google to really get a clear understanding on just how popular these animals have become in such a short period of time.

ATTY treats his animal creations as though they are real.


The process behind creating each animal is meticulous, painstaking, something ATTY admits freely, does not come naturally. He spends countless hours on each design, working in three phases until each one is executed perfectly. Among the most crucial elements are colour composition, balance and placement. Most animals take between 150 to 300 hours to complete. He considers Winston the elephant his masterpiece due to the 695 long hours involved in his creation. What keeps him motivated is knowing that “every time one of my beloved animals is adopted to their forever home, I feel very privileged to know they will be cherished by their family.”