Dusty & Scout Koalas

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Series:        Animal Explosion

Media:        Digital Print – Premium Museum Archival Cotton Rag Paper

Unframed (for framing options and pricing, please contact us for further information)

Edition:       /250 Prints

Meet Dusty and Scout, the troublesome twosome who get up to fun shenanigans daily. Adventurous and daring, they are never ones to turn down a challenge and are regarded as two of the bravest and most resourceful koalas in the outback. Filled with natural curiosity, Scout and Dusty love discovering new experiences with gusto and bravado while always cracking a smile and joke. Hanging out with this cheeky duo will fill you with laughter and light-heartedness, especially when they pretend to be drop-bears on unsuspecting bushwalkers. Having Dusty and Scout join your family will bring you much laughter, happiness and a true sense of harmony and pride. Life’s journey will be even more remarkable if you have these two adorable rascals by your side.

Dusty & Scout took 490 hours to complete.

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