Audrey Giraffe

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Series:        Animal Explosion

Media:        Digital Print – Premium Museum Archival Cotton Rag Paper

Unframed (for framing options and pricing please contact us for further information)

Edition:       /250 Prints

Graceful is the word that comes to mind when folk think about Audrey. Giraffes are elegant and beautiful animals and if you add a dash of zaniness then you have Audrey. She is protective by nature and has been known to take on potential predators at full stride to protect those dearest to her. Audrey has a carefree attitude to life and enjoys nothing more than watching a sunset with Milton and her tower of giraffes. Audrey is one stunning, elegant and fearless giraffe which makes her a force to be reckoned with by all who encounter this beautiful soul.

Audrey took 150 hours to complete.

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