Kangaroo Art

Welcome to my Animal Explosion series. I have always felt a connection to animals and enjoy drawing them. Each animal has a story card describing the personality I was portraying while drawing.

It started with Harvey, my magnificent lion who is still one of my favourites and is now part of a 31 piece collection.

Our animals are adopted to their forever homes all around the world. Kangaroo art is available and Charlotte is our beautiful wallaby. Charlotte spends her days bouncing along from soul to soul leaving a happy trail behind her. I think Charlotte has the most beautiful eyes in my collection. See link below.

Charlotte – Wallaby

Charlotte, my limited edition wallaby took 220 hours to create. My colourful creations are a lengthy process drawn lovingly over many months. Charlotte comes in two sizes on museum archival paper which lasts for up to 100 years. ATTY can also frame your digital print. See the link below for more details.

Framing Shipping

Our gallery is located in the historic Rocks Precinct in Sydney, Australia and all the artwork can be found there including our Billabong Dreams series. Please click link below for opening hours and our location.