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My Animals Have a home

The Rocks is a unique haunt and one of few areas of the Sydney to showcase a cross-section of architecture from the 18th to the 20th century. This historic quartier has witnessed mesmerising changes throughout Australian history.


Notoriously linked with the convict period and the bubonic plague, today it is a cosmopolitan, cultural hub. Once populated by the Gadigals and later a burgeoning port and the commercial hub of the city, it is home to the oldest European structure in Sydney, The Dawes Point Battery.


In good company

ATTY’s gallery lies in the Rocks, a stone’s throw from the Opera House and Harbour Bridge, in one of the original worker’s cottages. Built between 1875 and 1877, the ATTY residence at number 27 Playfair Street is a quirky three-story building with three original fireplaces, wooden floors and crooked doors.

“The gallery is a fresh, breathable, bright home for my beloved animals. I am currently housing my animal explosion series alongside the Buttercup Forest and Eucalyptus Lane series that can only be purchased at the gallery,’’ explains ATTY, who along with iconic Sydney artist Ken Done, is one of few artists to run their own dedicated gallery in the Rocks. Good company.

ATTY on inspiring others …

I will be bringing in guest artists to exhibit alongside my work in the gallery. I am very keen to discover fresh new talent and provide them with a platform to exhibit their art. I will be looking at graduates through to 100-year-olds. I have no pre-requisite for the art and I am open to seeing who pops up across my radar. If I like the cut of their jib, then let’s get the wheels in motion and hopefully we can help along their art career and also enhance the ATTY Gallery by introducing more exciting work.


Corporate Events

Our venue, decked with animal print upholstered benches, is a great space to host corporate events such as wine and bourbon tasting (ATTY’s favourite drink, literally on the rocks). To enquire, call +61 428 305 863



27 Playfair St, The Rocks NSW 2000, Australia
Next door to the Munich Brauhaus (creating art is thirsty work)

Opening Hours

Sunday to Friday 10am to 5pm
Saturday 10am to 6pm

ATTY on the future …

I am exhibiting three shows in the USA with two in LA and the final one in NJ during September 2018 which will be very exciting. Address locations to be confirmed shortly. I have to remain disciplined and keep creating new animals to continue building the portfolio and my name. I am incredibly proud to have opened my own gallery in the iconic Rocks.

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