Theodore – Hare

USD: $420.00USD: $649.00

Series: Animal Explosion

Media: Digital Print – Cotton Rag

Unframed (for framing in Sydney, please contact me)

Edition: /20

Theodore is a very clever and intelligent hare. Make no mistake he runs rings around all hares before him. I loved the children’s movie Watership Down as a child and the title song by Art Garfunkel ‘Bright Eyes’ will have you singing along for weeks to come. If this movie does not pull at your emotions then you clearly have no empathy and I guess we cannot be friends, as I fear for you emotional sanity.

Theodore took over 125hrs to complete

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53 x 61 cm (20⅖ x 24 in), 63 x 56 cm (24⅘ x 22 in), 65 x 60 cm (25⅗ x 23⅗ in), 81 x 91 cm (31⅘ x 35⅘ in), 86 x 76 cm (33⅘ x 29⅘ in), 91 x 83 cm (35⅘ x 32⅔ in), 91 x 83 cm (35⅘ x 32⅔ in)

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