Maggie – Emu

Maggie – Emu


Size: 70 x 45 cm (27½ x 17¾ in)

Maggie – Emu


Size: 85 x 56 cm (33½ x 22 in)

Series:        Animal Explosion

Media:        Digital Print – Cotton Rag

Unframed (for framing options and pricing please contact us for further information)

Edition:       /250 Prints

Maggie is a wonderful, kind, generous, quirky and vibrant little Emu who always seems to get up to mischief. Folk are naturally always drawn to her zany and warm personality. Never one of the boring flock, Maggie walks to the beat of her own drum with her life motto to forever remain positive and always be smiling with life.

Maggie took 150 hours to complete.


Artwork Video

Maggie – Emu

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