Hamish – Fox

Hamish – Fox


Size: 63 x 56 cm (24⅘ x 22 in)

Hamish – Fox


Size: 86 x 76 cm (33⅘ x 29⅘ in)

Series:        Animal Explosion

Media:        Digital Print – Cotton Rag

Unframed (for framing options and pricing please contact us for further information)

Edition:       /200 Prints

Hamish is described as the Sherlock Holmes of the Animal Explosion range. He possesses extremely high intelligence, observant and perceptive to details, wonderfully creative imagination and is devilishly handsome. Folks remember that no chicken is safe when Hamish has his eyes on the prize.

Hamish took 175 hrs to complete.

Artwork Video

Hamish – Fox

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