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    Matilda – Koala

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    Animal Explosion

    Ned – Koala

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Welcome to my Animal Explosion series. I have always felt a connection to animals and enjoy drawing them.  Each animal has a story card describing the personality I was portraying while drawing.

It started with Harvey, my magnificent lion who is still one of my favourites and is now part of a 31 piece collection.

Our animals are adopted to their forever homes all around the world. Matilda and Ned are my beautiful koalas. Ned, my little outlaw of the bush who is named after Ned Kelly, our famous bushranger, is one of our most popular artworks. See link below.

Ned – Koala

Ned, my limited edition Koala took 180 hours to create. My colourful creations are a lengthly process drawn lovingly over many months.  Ned comes in two sizes on museum achival paper which lasts for up to 100 years. ATTY can also frame your digital print. See the link below for more details.

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Our gallery is located in the historic Rocks Precindt in Sydney, Australia and all the artwork can be found there including our Billabong Dreams series. Please click on the link below for opening hours and our location.




DJ Littleman
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a month ago Spotted the lovely Matilda in the Atty gallery at the Rocks and now she as pride of place in my Adelaide radio studio. Great service and delivery from the gallery. We could not be happier with the service provided or our stunning new family member.
Joan G
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a month ago We loved the amazing artwork in this gallery and spent ages looking at the glorious animals all with their own names. Cathy explained about the animals and on our second visit we were lucky enough to meet the artist Graham Atwell. We decided to adopt.Ned Kelly as a lovely reminder of our trip to Australia and Tasmania. It was a reminder of our road trip from Melbourne to Sydney where we saw the devastation that the terrible bush fires had caused plus the loss of wildlife we therefore thought it was very fitting that Graham was donating to the Koala wildlife with our adoption. After many weeks of lockdown we now have Ned Kelly framed and on our lounge wall!
Steph Botshon
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11 months ago My husband and I were wandering around the gallery area of The Rocks on our first day of our honeymoon, totally jet lagged, when we stumbled upon a colorful and fun looking gallery. When we walked in, we were greeted by many beautiful animal prints, as well as a friendly face who started to explain the gallery’s origins. Turns out, the friendly face was the artist himself, and we were immediately struck by his enthusiasm and earnestness. We felt an immediate connection to him and his artwork - and the real question became how could we choose just one animal to adopt? Turns out, we couldn’t, and now are the proud parents of both Maggie and Matilda. We are so excited and happy to have found the Atty gallery and will always have such positive memories of learning about Graham, his background, and each animal in the gallery. Thank you for the best souvenir we could have asked for!!
Paul Sumner
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7 months ago Awesome experience - Atty's artwork caught my eye while strolling through the Rocks. We popped in to a friendly welcome and a relaxed vibe about the place. Every piece displayed has a name and back story so there is an immediate sense of connection to the animals and their individual character. We were considering adopting Ned the Koala and Graham (ATTY) encouraged us to go for a coffee to be sure of our decision - certainly no pressure to buy at all. Soon Ned had joined our family and Graham was really helpful with framing advice and even detailed instructions for claiming back our GS1 at the airport. Really pleased that we popped in as we now have a treasured keepsake of our Sydney holiday and some fond memories of the visit. Keep up the great work! Paul & Andrea