Charlotte the Baby Whisperer

One benefit of being a local Sydney digital artist is that when friends have a baby it has become stock standard that they want one of my animals for the baby gift. I recently gave very good friends a small Charlotte Wallaby limited edition print for their little baby daughter.

Charlotte seems to be the most requested animal by my friends with new babies. I started to wonder why this would be the case? It hit me that not only is Charlotte beautiful and very cute but her story is adorable and magical to boot. My fiancée Romana said it was an obvious choice as Charlotte is adorable and has those big beautiful doe eyes that makes you feel connected and happy.

Romana dropped the bombshell that if we should have a baby girl then she would also like Charlotte for her nursery? Needless to say, the topic was moved along very quickly by this artist after a token yes and nod of acknowledgment.

In a nutshell it got me also thinking that ATTY Gallery should maybe consider adding a baby shower and wedding gift registry on our website? This would allow friends to contribute to a group gift. Something for us to think about and it will be interesting to see if this would be of interest to folks?

So, in conclusion, Charlotte is currently the worthy nursery champion. I can confirm that she will however not be joining this artist at home anytime soon. I have my eye on building a home cinema room before Charlotte gets to settle in ha ha. 


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