ATTY responds to CV-19

Rocks Art Gallery ATTY is responding to customer demand during the COVID 19 restrictions by ‘Live Streaming’ on Fridays. Join us on Instagram with owner and resident artist, Graham Atwell (ATTY).

ATTY is connecting with both loyal and new customers, answering questions, and showcasing his animal inspired art online by request. 

We love that more people are fostering and adopting dogs and cats in these difficult times, and so happy that some of our animals are going to people who’d love to adopt a living animal, but cannot.

“We’ve been heartened by the many supportive emails we’ve received from our wonderful customers all over the world, who’ve already adopted a unique ATTY animal.”  

From Sam, UK: 

“Hope you are keeping well in these unprecedented times. We have had Matilda [the koala] framed and she now has pride of place in Phoebe and Jessica’s Den. Luckily, we finished the work in the room before the UK went into lock down last Monday and so we were able to hang Matilda in her new home yesterday. She makes us smile every time we see her.”  

From Chris, Sydney:

 “We would like Sam & Charlie [emus] as soon as possible so we are happy to pay for the delivery if the gallery isn’t open. We need something cheerful to look at in these times.”

ATTY Gallery is currently the number one art gallery and shopping experience in Sydney and 7th overall top things to do whilst visiting Sydney according to TripAdvisor. 

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